I once made grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron. My friend and I volunteered to provide food for a football watching party. The sandwiches were not great, and the iron was ruined. Since then I've honed my hosting craft and turned it into a career. But I hire caterers. You can check out my professional work at EventChic, LLC.

I love what I do and still have a passion for weddings and big events, but as my family grows my heart wants to be home. Which is a great place to host and celebrate - go figure, right!

Life with Style

is a place where I will share celebrations, inspirations, and honest insights into making a house a home. You can expect to hear from me a couple times a month. To keep up, I invite you to subscribe. Use the form below to be sure you don't miss a post or promotion. To learn more about me, enjoy Life with Style: An Introduction.

Me with my Brooks