Baby News and Bernie

Wow, It's been too long since my fingertips flew across the keyboard leaving a blip in cyberspace. My honest reason for my absence is an exciting one - I'm pregnant with our second child!

 Baby Reveal with Pumpkins and Mums

I could stop there letting you all fill the comment sections with well wishes and congratulations, but I said I was going to give my honest reason. Though I am truly excited, I have been truly drained of any creative juices for three months. Seriously tired, sometimes nauseous, never inspired. I kicked myself for not posting in time for Halloween, and now it's the week of Thanksgiving rendering this post a little late to the party. Especially since Bernie already hosted a Thanksgiving gathering. I have a lot of extended family; we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas over several days.

 Bernie the Dining Table - Thanksgiving

During my writing hiatus, I made major progress with my shop. If you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll up and click the SHOP tab. Thank you. The set of four black wire cloches featured on Bernie are so versatile. They can be used to anchor an organic arrangement of floral and foliage or something more tailored like housing candles on a stand. My Instagram followers will recognize that I simply modified Bernie's Halloween arrangement by removing the vines and ravens and redistributing the autumn berry sprays.

Phew, my atrophied creative muscle is spent for today. I'll be back....soon! I have a lot of things on the horizon to share with you: Holidays, My Birthday/Babymoon, A New Nursery, and more. Oh yes, I'll be back. signature