A Year in Pillows

I react with all six senses to textiles. Yes, fabrics reach me on a level inexplicable by traditional science. This is the story of how I achieved a sensorygasm for a year. 

Last year, we transformed our 10' x 10' aggregate slab with more fire ant mounds than grass backyard into an oasis. One of my favorite features is a built-in stone bench. We quickly realized that this custom feature required custom cushions. In case you were under any illusions, building a backyard oasis is not cheap. Our bank account needed time to heal before we forked over any more dinero for costly custom cushions. I went to Pier 1 for a perfectly acceptable band-aid. Then it was time. Time to shop for decorative outdoor pillows. I wanted bold colors because our indoor spaces are a mix of neutrals with touches of metallics (for me) and masculine tones (for him). We seek refuge and calm indoors. Our outdoor space was meant to entertain and enliven. At first, I thought I was looking for one set of pillows. It quickly became an incredibly stressful process for me because I reacted so strongly to every print I encountered (good or bad, mostly bad). Even now, I can recall that particular feeling of despair as I thought: I'm just going to have to settle for something that doesn't upset my equilibrium, and that I'll probably want to change as soon as I buy it. I was experiencing pre-buyer's remorse anxiety. Until, EUREKA!, I came across the most smile-inducing pillows on Gilt.com by OneBellaCasa. They are so specifically summer with their watercolor stripes and pop art fruit that I knew I was liberated from the pressure of just one set - I would need a new set for every season. 

My melancholy would return when it came time to shop for the Autumn set, but would soon be remedied for good by Society6. Society6 features art from hundreds of artists that can be applied to a variety of products - pillows, apparel, tech skins, framed prints, and on and on. And it's affordable! I purchased five outdoor pillow inserts then each season joyously selected the art I wanted to turn into an outdoor fabric cover. Brilliant. Makes storing them during their off-season easy, too. Oh, and if you were wondering how a textile can activate your tastebuds...


 OneCasaBella Summer Outdoor Pillows


 Society 6 Autumn/Fall Outdoor Pillows


 Society 6 Winter Outdoor Pillows


 Society 6 Spring Outdoor Pillows