Portrait of a Dress

Editor's Note: This post originally written on June 26, 2013 for Amy's professional wedding and event planning website: eventchicdallas.com.

My precious mother-in-law, which in my lucky case is NOT a tongue-in-cheek oxymoron, discovered this wonderful artist who creates a watercolor portrait of wedding dresses. She surprised me with one of my own as a first anniversary present. She did the same for her daughter (EB+JC) for her first anniversary. The artist is Kristina Bailey and she is an absolute gem. If you were slow, like I was, to put two and two together let me spell it out for you because Kristina had to spell it out for me: Every anniversary year has a traditional gift associated with it. I knew this, but never gave it much thought. If i had, I would have remembered that the first year anniversary is traditionally celebrated with the gift of paper. Is it clicking yet? While stationary is a great option, I FLIPPED over the portrait. It will be something I treasure forever. Not only does it make an amazing anniversary present, but it can become a beautiful heirloom.

Me and my dress:

 Watercolor painting of wedding dress by Kristina Bailey

Painting by Kristina Bailey Photography by Daisy Photography Studio

EB and her dress:

 Watercolor painting of wedding dress by Kristina Bailey. Sara & Rocky Photography

Painting by Kristina Bailey Photography by Sara & Rocky Photography

UPDATE: EB and I gifted one to my mother-in-law (her mom) in honor of her 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Painting by Kristina Bailey