A Wedding in Wonderland

Editor's Note: This post was originally written on July 9, 2013 for Amy's professional wedding and event planning website: eventchicdallas.com.

Rebecca and J Mack are two creative souls who fell head over heels for each other. When you are around them you can't help but get transported to a wonderland full of love and beauty. That is exactly what I wanted their wedding to capture through lots of personal details and whimsey as if their guests stumbled into Rebecca and J Mack's own little rabbit hole. Two became one on March 30, 2013 at the Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth, Texas. The ceremony decor was kept simple so that the message and the people were the focus. Their dear friend officiated the union and a mix of bridesmaids, bridesdudes, groomsmen, and groomsgals served as attendants. J Mack's sisters performed a beautiful song while Rebecca and J Mack swayed with tears of joy and reflection.

 Marty Leonard Chapel - Apryl Ann Photography - lifewithstyle.co
 Flower Girl with Sign - Apryl Ann Photography - lifewithstyle.co

Family and friends were invited to celebrate in a world created just for Rebecca and J Mack at the Stonegate Mansion, Fort Worth, Texas. In fact, there was a sign directing them into the "Rabbit Hole" with a friendly warning, "We're All Mad In Here!" A combination of old world rentals, moss, and bright, quirky flowers achieved the underground habitat effect. The decor was anything but simple at the reception as it told the story of Rebecca and J Mack's love through details, details, and more details! Just to name a few:  The tables were named after the couple's favorite love songs and poems. Their childhood relics adorned the entry table. Three clocks hung above the head table set to the times of their wedding and their parents' weddings.

 Cafe Lights Indoors - Apryl Ann Photography -lifewithstyle.co

Cafe Lights Indoors - Apryl Ann Photography -lifewithstyle.co

 Mixed Bottle Centerpiece - Apryl Ann Photography - lifewithstyle.co
 Floral & Moss Table Runner for Head Table - Apryl Ann Photography - lifewithstyle.co

Like the ceremony, the reception was filled with loving words for the Bride and Groom and another special performance...Rebecca and J Mack had choreographed a dance complete with costumes to the surprise and delight of their guests. Rebecca is a talented ballerina and J Mack is a natural performer. She was very focused on the technical aspects and he brought the showmanship. Sounds like a perfect match, indeed! Cheers to many years of dancing through life together!

 Bride & Groom - Stonegate Mansion - Apryl Ann Photography - lifewithstyle.co
 Surprise Bridie and Groom Dance Routine - Stonegate Mansion - Apryl Ann Photography - lifewithstyle.co